San Francisco Pride is a parade and festival held in San Francisco at the end of June each year. Its aim is to celebrate the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. On its 40th anniversary, the parade held in 2011 had 200 contingents and has been described as the largest gathering of LGBT people and allies nationwide. 628xSDSAD471

Over the years it has been kept alive, the parade has gained worldwide attention. It is held on Sunday morning of the select date and will usually take the route along San Francisco’s market street. The parade kicks off at 10.30 AM although contingents who wish to participate will start lining up a couple of hours earlier. After all the excitement, the parade will slowly end at about 2.00 PM in the

Fun in this event is derived from the different styles in which contingents run on the parade route. Traditionally, Dykes on Bikes will be the first. The Dykes on Bikes contingent which typically consists of women on bikes brings excitement to the event with the sound of more than 100 motorcycles. Another of the popular contingents which has made efforts to be prolific is the leather contingent which consists of Lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and BDSM groups.