Diwali which is also known as the festival of lights is an ancient Hindu event which is celebrated annually in autumn. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness and other related analogies including the victory of good over evil and hope over despair. Preparations and rituals will extend over a five day period with the main festive night being scheduled for the darkest night of the Hindu Lunisolar month of Kartik. A typical Diwali night will normally fall between mid-October and mid-November. diwali-celebrations

Customary activities include cleaning, renovating and decorating homes before Diwali night. When it comes, Hindus are expected to put on new cloths or their best outfit, light up candles and lamps inside and outside of their homes and participate in family Puja which are prayers directed to the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Apart from the exchange of gifts between friends and family members, Diwali also marks an intensive shopping period in regions where it is celebrated.

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Diwali happens to one of the happiest holidays in India. Just like it is with Christmas in other parts of the world, people will buy new cloths for themselves, gifts for their friends and member of families and other items including cars, home appliances and kitchen utensils.