Christmas is probably the most popular holiday considered that it is celebrated by billions around the world. It is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus and celebrated annually on the 25th of December. It has been adopted as a civil holiday in most of the world’s nations and continues to be celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians. xmas

Celebratory customs for Christmas include gift Showbox Download giving, playing of Christmas carols, special meals and decorations. Some of the popular decorations for Christmas include Christmas Trees, nativity scenes, Christmas Lights, wreaths and mistletoe. Merry-Christmas1

It is during this season when the figures, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christkind and Father Christmas make appearances to the public. These figures will normally bring gifts to children or grant wishes. The period for which Christmas festivities are on has had great impacts on the economy. Because many people wait until the season begins to exchange gifts business and manufacturers heighten advertisement activity. Another trait of the season is the offering of lucrative promotions by high-end products manufacturers; most of them wait until late October to launch new products so that sales will peak when the festive season sets in. Since Christmas involve a lot of gift giving, the 26th of December (Boxing Day) has been adopted as a national holiday in most jurisdictions.