San Francisco Pride is a parade and festival held in San Francisco at the end of June each year. Its aim is to celebrate the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. On its 40th anniversary, the parade held in 2011 had 200 contingents and has been described as the largest gathering of LGBT people and […]

The Chinese New Year is celebrated annually at the turn of the Chinese calendar. Although in translation, it is also called the Spring Festival by natives. Celebrations begin on the eve of New Year and continue to the 15th day of China’s 1st month which identifies the festival as the longest in the Chinese calendar. […]

The Carnival of Venice occurs annually in the city of Venice, Italy. Normally, it is scheduled to end with the Christian celebration of Lent and specifically on Shrove Tuesday; the one which comes before Ash Wednesday. The most distinct feature which is also known to attract the most attention to the event is its elaborate […]

St Patrick’s day which is also known as the Festival of Saint Patrick comes annually on the 17th of March on which date St Patrick who is the most commonly-recognized patron Saint of Ireland died. The essence of the feast is to commemorate St Patrick, celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and generally, the […]

Attracting 2 million people daily on the streets, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is reputed as the world’s biggest. It is held before Lent every year and has origins which date back to 1723 when the first one was held. The event is normally scheduled to begin on Friday and end on Ash Wednesday although […]